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Contents Handling

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Has your personal property sustained damage from flooding, mold, fire or smoke? Do you require the contents of your property be efficiently inventoried, packed and stored within a safe facility?  We focus on handling the items in your home, business, or office through the stressful restoration process. 


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Our services include:

* Specialized Inventory of Contents

* Pack Out/Moving Services

* Cleaning & Decontamination of Contents

* Safe Contents Storage 

* Methodical & Precise Pack-back Reset Services 


COVID 19 Announcement

The Contents Specialists at Next Day are taking safety measures to keep our communities and workers safe inside during these strange times. For those troubled about COVID exposure, the Contents Specialists provides a very professional quality disinfectant application that is EPA certified, designed for both residential and commercial property. 


We Can Help You Pack Out

The team of Contents Specialists correctly packages inventory and delivers your possessions to a Next Day facility where your items are stored and carefully inventoried. We are very careful to ensure your personal property incurs the minimum amount of damage throughout your loss. 


Contents Cleaning 

Our Cleaning Specialists at Next Day are trained and well-informed of the variety and different types of content materials and all cleaning methods we use are suitable to the environmental control that affected them. 


Content Inventory

All throughout the damage analysis, home article inventory, and the pack out process with the reset process of our service, our experts receive photo documentation, digital inventories while creating a Total Loss Inventory (TLI). This service is intended for your non-salvageable items only.


The Contents Experts

We present a complete pack out with restoration services for your personal belongings. We know how vital your personal belongings are and will take care of them with the same respect and care as our own.

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