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Guide to Understand Renovation and Remodeling of Roofing

Your home is a very important investment that you should give your best. Renovating and remodeling your roofing is one of the best things you can do to your house and that is why at Renovation and Remodeling Cincinnati, we give great importance to it.

There are times we are carried away by our work and life in general that we forget that our roof needs a renovation. You may not even know that it needs renovation. That is why you need to always assess your roof, as you will not allow a leak over your head before you do something.

This guide will show you all you need to know about roofing renovation and remodeling.

Renovation and Remodeling: What’s the Difference?

Many times, we tend to confuse renovation and remodeling together. However, we need to get these terminologies right before contacting a contractor.

Let’s take a look at what each means:

Renovation And Remodeling

If you check a dictionary, you will clearly see the difference between the two. To remodel is to change the structure or shape of something while renovating means repairing a piece of furniture or anything so that it is in good condition again.

Let us look more at some differences.

1. Renovation improves the look of your roof or your house without altering its intended purpose

Like earlier said, when you renovate, your roof remains a roof and your lounge remains a lounge. It’s just that repairs and few updates are made. These include stuff like painting and structural rebuilding. However, remodeling alters the design and the structure of something. It may involve replacing your roof, expanding your bathroom by tearing down a wall, or turning a bedroom into a home office. Once the purpose of a thing has been changed, it has undergone remodeling.

2. Remodeling is more expensive than renovation

Since remodeling almost always involves altering the purpose of a thing, it will require extra cost, hence, making it more expensive.

3. You can renovate by yourself

Renovation is DIY-friendly. If you have the time and skill, you can carry out renovation on your own. I believe with the above explanation, you know the difference between renovation and remodeling. It depends on what you want. You can either renovate, renovate or do both. Now that you have decided to renovate or remodel your roof, what do you look for that will show you you really need to get the renovation or remodeling done.

When Should You Think of  Renovating or Remodeling Your Roof?

What do you look for in the home roof that will signal to you that it needs a renovation and remodeling? Inspect the ceiling and look for any damp or wet spots. Go into the attic and look off any damage, or corrosion. Check the roof for holes and cracks. Look for damaged tiles, cracks, and crevices where rain, snow, or sun can enter. Once this is done, it is time to consider whether you should call in a contractor or do it yourself.

Can You Do It Yourself?

Sometimes, because we want to save money, we decide to do the repairs by ourselves. While this is not too bad, you need to know that you can only make minor repairs by yourself. In addition, you have to prepare well, get the essential resources, and know safety precautions to follow. You may need to get a mobile scaffolding to be sure of safety and to easily maneuver yourself.

You will need to get some materials like a construction helmet, work gloves, elbow and knee pads, and a harness. You will also need roofing nails, a utility knife, a tarp, and a sealant.

However, it is best and more advisable to get a  professional contractor to help in the roofing, renovation, and remodeling. This will save you cost and time.

But, before you reach out to any contractor, there are some conditions the contractor or roofing company must fulfill. You need to ask the right questions.

Asking The Right Questions From Your Contractor

Here are few questions to help you get started:

1. Will They Carry Out a Thorough Inspection?

A good contractor or roofing company should carry out a thorough inspection of your roof. The chimney, attic, soil stacks, and deck must be properly inspected. At Roofing Contractors Cincinnati, we make sure proper inspections are carried out.

2. Will there be an underlayment installation?

Ice and water underlayment may be essential to hinder collected water, wind-driven rain, or ice damming from entering in-between the shingles and the wood deck. At Gutter Companies Cincinnati, we are there to the rescue.

3. Will they follow the producer’s specifications?

A professional contractor should know and adhere to the manufacturer’s specifications.

4. Will Enough Ventilation Be Checked For?

The contractor should check for adequate ventilation and guide you on the importance and need for proper ventilation. This is because improper ventilation can spoil your shingles.

5. Will your contractor explain to you how your roofing system works?

Your contractor should give a thorough and detailed explanation of the roofing system and how it works. It will aid you in making good decisions.

At Roofing Contractors Cincinnati, we will do all these and put your mind at rest. We give you quality for your money and render different services for your home. Contact us today for your home services and you will never regret what you did. As the saying goes, the taste of the pudding is in the eating. Give us a try today.


You don’t have to wait till big damage is done before you think of contacting a contractor. Once you notice a leak or anything unusual, place a call immediately. And if you want to remodel or renovate your roof or home, we at Roofing Contractors Cinciny, Renovation and Remodeling Cincinnati and Gutter Companies Cincinnati are here to help you. You will be glad you did. Contact us here.

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